Venue Sourcing

As an independent licensee of Global Cynergies LLC, VCSI provides venue sourcing services for your organisation when researching and sourcing venues for off-site meetings, events, tradeshows, conferences and housing requirements of any size, anywhere in the world. The service is offered free of charge, there is no need for signing agreements for the service and it is available to you and your organisation on-demand. For more information about Global Cynergies, please visit or send an email to

Global Cynergies has created a process that saves time, money and resources. Global Cynergies' procurement team oversees the RFP (Request for proposal) process to ensure all appropriate venues and special offers have been considered. The comparative report provides you options and we assist with contract review and negotiations. Before the RFP process is started VCSI will consult with you to gain a complete understanding of the requirements, delegate background, past events and "event takeaways", desired outcome of the event and goals. We invest time and energy in this pre-RFP process, as the venue of choice should support the event goals and add value to the delegate experience.

Following the pre-RFP process, VCSI offers the following services:
• Conduct extensive research using in-house technology, proprietary data & industry resources to determine which properties meet the needs and goals
• Create and manage request for proposals to appropriate venues
• Provide destination comparison and multi-property sourcing reports
• Present available options in an easy to read report so you can compare "apples to apples"
• Set-up site inspections with shortlisted hotels / venues
• Assist in negotiations to ensure the best overall value and contract provisions
• Act as a trusted advisor to recommend “best in class” service providers, for services beyond venue sourcing
• Support clients with risk and penalty mitigation
• Liaise with venue(s) through contract signature (All contracts are signed between your organisation and the hotel or venue)
• Assist in transition to conference management after contract signature