Strategy & Support

The strategy and support service is built to support small- and mid-sized organisations (e.g. B&B's, hotels, event venues, small hotel chains) with a limited sales resources or organisation without a sales team (e.g. B&B's and restaurants), which have the wish to promote their brand / products and grow their business beyond their current (geographical) origin of business.

As with sailing, it is the combined effort and input of individuals in a team coupled with the right strategy, that makes a team win a race and return to a safe haven. If one of the components fail, chances of success decrease. Weather changes all the time and can't be influenced, but it can be forecasted and strategies can be altered and aligned accordingly. If done correctly, it can give you the advantage to stay ahead of the competition and win. Sales & Marketing teams and business owners often stick to the same strategy for years, or with minimal alterations. It becomes secondary to the need to get the business in. But does the strategy still fits the marketplace?  

Alike the weather, the way demand and supply meet is changing all the time, along with way clients and guests make decisions and purchases. It is crucial to, periodically, analise and adjust sales strategies and create adjoining action plans to grow and increase revenue from key feeder markets, new market and niches. Together with you and your team, a VCSI consultant or a pool of our consultants will create a solution to stay ahead of your competition. 

VCSI offers the following strategy and support services:

  • Analise the current sales & marketing strategy and provide support for developing new ones
  • Review current sales & marketing efforts and provide advice to increase sales pipeline
  • Provide sales & marketing strategy and action plans
  • Provide support with organizing and executing seasonal promotions
  • Market analysis and adjoining action plans
  • Event organizing and promotion

VCSI provides the service on the basis hourly fees for a fixed number of hours per month, per project or on-demand. Fees quoted are excluding VAT, out of pocket expenses, travel and accommodation. Based on the requirements, needs and wishes of your organisation, a tailored proposal with terms of engagement will be prepared.