(Interim) Sales Representation

This service is tailored for small- and mid-sized organisations operating in the hospitality or hospitality related industry, such as hotels, event venues and small hotel chains, who are seeking support in (interim) sales resources, without adding them to their payroll. VCSI offers flexible solutions; 

  • to cover long term (sick) leave of sales team members
  • to cover a gap within the sales & marketing team, resulting from turnover within the commercial team
  • for representation within new and key feeder markets, where the organisation has no current resources, but wishes to gain market share
  • as a temporarily resource to research and approach specific industries, areas or markets
  • support organisations with sales & marketing efforts during pre-openings and start-up periods 

VCSI provides the service on the basis hourly fees for a fixed number of hours per month, per project or on-demand. Fees quoted are excluding VAT, out of pocket expenses, travel and accommodation. Based on the requirements, needs and wishes of your organisation, a tailored proposal with terms of engagement will be prepared.